Govana rolls out a brand new music video for “Undefeated”.

The Strike Force deejay linked up with Raheef Muzik Group and Bing Bang Studios for the track which sees him name dropping some heavyweights in the industry like Alkaline, Popcaan, and Aidonia.

In “Undefeated”, Govana addresses the hate, jealously, and overall negativity that Dancehall acts have faced in their rise to the top in the competitive industry.

“Strikeforce lead out, man a monster (Ándale) / Same way dem try fi downplay man ting / Ah same ting dem used to do to Didi and to Poppi and to Alka / Mi neva beg nuh bwoy fi nuh strength or nuh sponsor / Norman Manley, JFK back to Sangster,” he spits in the third verse.

“Man do it without dem ratings / Jump in di race, and dem idiot dem cyan believe it / Drop di / Benz pon some dare rims / Unbothered and undefeated like di world, then repeat it / So seh what they wanna seh,” Govi Govi sings in the chorus. “Whole heap ah years man ah shame dem, di champ is still reigning / P** y seh what yuh wanna seh, yeah / Unstoppable, unfloppable.”

Watch Govana “Undefeated” Music Video Below.