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The nurse who died on Saturday after being shot outside a supermarket in St Ann’s Bay’s alleged attacker has been revealed.

Crime Chief for St. Ann Superintendent Richard Hylton says reports indicate that about 6:30 p.m. Walloston was inside the supermarket shopping, when she was approached by her 60 year old estranged common law husband.

Police are of the view that the relationship had turned sour and the man confronted Walloston about this. The man is said to be a retired solider, and was working for a popular security guard company. He is a licensed firearm holder.

Trespasser Shot Dead By Hotel Security Guard In St Ann

Superintendent Hylton says the two were engaged in a heated discussion inside the supermarket, when Walloston turned to walk away.

The man reportedly pulled his gun and shot Walloston twice in the back.

It’s reported that the man walked towards the police station and turned himself over to cops who were on their way to the scene of the shooting.

Superintendent Hylton says the alleged attacker remains in custody. The man is to secure legal representation in order to undergo the interview session, after which he is expected to be charged.