Wayne Marshall achieved a major milestone this year in the culinary department.

The Recording artiste shared a photo rocking an apron and chef hat via Instagram on Sunday as he reflected on his newly developed cooking skills.

“6 months ago me couldn’t boil egg…look at me now #chefitwayne #chefmarsheezy #porridgemaster,” he wrote.

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After ten years of marriage Wayne Marshall cooked for his wife, Tami Chin, for the first time on Mother’s Day (May 10). The “Glory To God” singer’s debut in the kitchen saw him producing egg, bacon and toast bread.

“People let me tell you straight, Tami is here to see me fail… she underestimates me and she seh mi cya boil water and she seh me cya do nothing,” Marshall said in the video. “I’m not a self-proclaimed chef… Fi tell yuh di truth I don’t think mi ever do a fry egg but mi a nuh idiot. Mi a observe and a watch over the years.”