Reggae artiste Fanton Mojah has been blasted by fellow Rastafarian Mutabaruka over his latest single “Fire King.”

The veteran Reggae artiste has been heavily criticized following the release of his raunchy single. Many fans blasted the singer for promoting an image not in-keeping with Rastafarian culture.

However, it seems one of Fanton Majah’s latest critics is popular poet and radio talk-show host Mutabaruka.

“Have some artiste wa a try denigrate Bobo House and Rastafari wid dem wol heap a likkle frivolous videos … dem no see nun wrong with it, that’s the problem,” Mutabaruka lamented.

He further added, “me never it woulda reach de so, weh yuh have man wa wrap up dem head and go inna video wid naked woman a flaunt themself over him and him a flaunt himself ova dem.”

The radio host’s complaints were echoed by many, however, there were those who pointed to inconsistencies.

“So wen Sizzla say big long gun and run out on dem that was conscious song rite? Sizzla also say pump up her p_m p_m to.” One fan emphasized in a lengthy comment.

Ironically, Fanton Mojah is often cited as one of the harshest critics of those who defile Rastafarian culture.

In 2016 he infamously lashed out against Dancehall stars Alkaline and Gage during his Rebel Salute performance. He blasted the young deejays for their vulgar releases claiming it was destroying the very fabric of society.

“Write some good song and sing to di nation, and stop defile mi pickney dem a Jamaica,” he said in an interview. He continued, “Oonu can sing say di woman dem nice, enuh, and sing say yuh want mek love to dem but, come on man, a you bedroom business oonu want bring come a road? Hey, likkle bwoy, behave oonuself!”