Lady Ann has defended Spice following backlash over her public donation to Sister Charmaine’s GoFundMe.

The veteran artiste is now defending Spice following backlash over her public donation to the GoFundMe set up for her funeral expenses.

Fans criticized the deejay after she publicly donated US$1000 towards the $20,000 goal. However, fans feel the Dancehall superstar should have kept the act anonymous if she was genuine.

Earlier this week Lady Ann took to Instagram to clap back at the criticism.

“If Spice weh come after we inna di business come and she donate, is a good look…” she said.

“If Spice did even donate $10 we still appreciate it cause you know why? She still better than the rest a dem weh inna di industry… Ask di rest a dem how much dem put…call di rest a di female dem from my time to Charmaine time and ask dem how much dem donate…”

“Give Spice some credit, she never haffi donate anonymous, fi wah? She work hard for har money and she give some fi help bury Charmaine and we thankful. The rest a dem no do nothing. Di rest a dem just go do interview fi promote dem owna things. Big up yourself Spice, you better than the rest Spice, me Lady Ann, the first lady a dancehall a endorse yuh.”

Although it was not explicitly stated some fans took Lady Ann’s statements to be shade towards Macka Diamond. The “Cucumber” deejay recently appeared on a Onstage interview where she spoke on recent controversy with Spice.

Lady Ann also hailed Tanya Stephens and several unnamed veteran male singers for their contributions.

“Charmaine didn’t left no will, Charmaine didn’t die left anything, she didn’t have anything fi left because dem rob har (of) everything. Now Spice come forth now as a younger girl weh just come inna di music donkey years after we and hear bout Sister Charmaine death and she donate her money…”

Lady Ann further went on to lash out at the recent ‘obeah’ allegations made by RT Boss against Spice.

“Di whole a dem a talk bout obeah and Spice a wuk obeah. Unno pray mi nuh come forth enuh…a just true my daughter inna my skin, cause any how my daughter never under my skin all di whole a unno a talk and a jump up like a Spice alone a wuk obeah, di whole a we bloodcl–t wuk obeah, di whole a bloodcl**t we go obeah man…so unno stop gwaan like true RT run out and a done Spice like Spice a di bad one alone. Di whole a we guilty…”

She added, “Memba unno help obeah Charmaine too enuh, memba enuh, unno forgot seh unno go a obeah woman fi Charmaine?”

Sister Charmaine died on January 5. The veteran’s funeral is set for January 16 and the viewing of her body will unfold at the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in the Bronx, USA, from 12 noon to 1 p.m.