International Dancehall/Reggae artiste I-Octane is making headlines across Europe after he played the role of a peacemaker during his recent concert.

In a video which has since gone viral, the “Hot World” deejay can be seen performing seconds before a brawl erupted inside a club.

I-Octane Encourages Entertainers To Highlight Struggles

I-Octane quickly paused his set and forced the men to make peace. “Yo come here! let him guh come here!,” the Hot Ras can be heard saying over the microphone, “Hug up yo brother! all ah wi ah one.”

I-Octane’s “Love and Life” 2018 European Tour saw him performing in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany with¬†special guests Answele and DJ Pele.

Watch the video below.