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Macka Diamond says she believes she was ‘blocked’ from working with Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel.

The “Cucumber” star made the claim during a recent Onstage interview with Winford Williams.

Macka Diamond says she often wonders if longtime rival Spice played a role in stopping them from collaborating. According to her, they were good friends, even growing up together in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Macka’s speculation came after being asked about the recent allegations made by spiritual adviser RT Boss. She was directly asked if she believed claims that she was ‘obeahed’ by her longtime rival.

“Mi a guh show yuh for example. Me si big-big Vybz Kartel – me and Vybz grow up inna one community enuh. Me used to be a top promoter inna Portmore weh mi put Vbz Kartel pon mi likkle party dem and him perform, before him buss,” she said.

“Kartel is a man who used to link mi and seh ‘Mumma, yuh naw counteract mi song? Yuh naw do all these things… And when mi look all him get block from mi. No care how much message mi sen to Kartel (saying) ‘mi waan duh song wid yuh’, ‘what’s up’ – mi neva get no answer. Is like dis one bag a ignoring fi years and mi know seh me an him good; wi come from Portmore,” Macka revealed.

“Di last time, before mi move outta Portmore, Kartel was on mi phone wishing me well and wi a talk good. An mi memba seh a di same people dem weh mi si Kartel a help, when Kartel sen one song come gi mi couple years ago, mi siddung beside dah ooman deh (Spice) and dah ooman deh a tell mi seh a wha kinda eediat song dat; Kartel caan write, an it nuh soun good and mi nuh fi dweet. An mi a seh, suh how dem deh roun Kartel now? People who a tell mi seh mi nuffi duh nuh song an him caan write an him nuh soun good, an a bare foolishness him write. Suh mi a seh, something a gwan wid my life, yuh nuh,” she added.

Macka revealed that the only time she actually got to work with the star was in 2006 for the track “Look Big.”

According to Macka, she had to seek spiritual intervention from the church, after the shocking revelations. She claims that allegations line up perfectly with a time period when her career took a dip.

“It was crazy. I had to take to God for it. I had to run in the church,” she declared. She added “I was like, ‘is this for real’? Because you a wonder because so many things happen inna mi life during dat time, yuh haffi a seh ‘I wonder if dis real’. A RT Boss seh it yuh nuh, so mi nuh know. So people pon di net a talk bout Macka believe inna obeah an dis an dat. It nuh have nuttn fi duh wid believe. A RT come out come seh it; a nuh me,” Macka said.

“When mi look di likkle show dem weh mi fi get, mi naw get no show. Everything jus look like it block and everybody just team up. It was a whole devastating surrounding for me for quite a while. And all mi madda weh nuh believe inna dem tings deh haffi a seh ‘dem duh yuh suppm’ man. It was crazy,” she added.

In recent weeks Macka Diamond was heavily criticized following her recent spiritual deliverance. Some fans accused the star of being disingenuous, with many claiming it was a PR stunt.

However, the star has hit back at the claims, insisting that her actions were genuine.

“Mi haffi duh mi documentary, because it is a whole lot. A lot of people see mi pon the internet and a seh Macka a come out now and Macka a say dis because shi a try look a clout, but me haffi talk caw a long time me waan talk… Lady Saw feel a way, she duh fi har ting. Mi haffi speak tuh,” she said.