Jamaican singer Dalton Harris his life after winning The X Factor UK was traumatic.

In 2018, Harris won the fifteenth season of The X Factor in the United Kingdom, however according to him the victory came with some negativity.

“Today marks two years since my X Factor victory,” he wrote on Twitter. “I am so grateful for being alive still after what was the onset of the most traumatic two years of my life. But today I know I am more valuable than every Racist. Homophobic. Unfair. Prejudiced and Abusive person made me feel.”

The “No More Will I Roam” singer added that he won The X Factor UK because he is a strong vocalist and one of the best in his generation, whether male or female.

“Here’s to f**king the status-quo. A Black. Foreigner. Pansexual. My identity is good enough for me,” Dalton wrote.

He also encouraged others who want to do music on a professional level to think long and hard before going into the industry. “If you love music or have a dream of entering the industry. Rethink before following my path its hell,” he said.

“My accomplishment isn’t the X Factor. It’s surviving still after what seemed like punishment for being good at something. Love yourself first as well,” Harris added.