Bounty Killer is slamming the younger generation of Dancehall artistes for selling out the culture.

On Monday, the veteran recording artiste cosigned a message from his official fan page which slammed the new set for entertainers currently dominating the genre.

“Fast tune for the fortune like fast food no substance,” killer wrote after reposting a lengthly message. “Too much f**kery ah gwaan inna di music industry, too much lame non talented people calling themselves Dancehall artists,” the caption read.

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“Yutes nah follow di tradition, di rules, and nah learn di art of Dancehall. They have no respect for elders that pave di way, set di trend, work hard to put dancehall pon di map and become a genre that people listen to worldwide. Bounty, Buju, Sizzla, Shabba, Yellowman, Super Cat, Capleton, Ninja, Beenie, Cobra, dem nuh need to ask or beg fi respect, dem deserve it, especially the greatest of all time the 5 star general, Bounty Killer.”

“Dancehall is not a joke thing, no game thing, no lame thing. No more trying to be American, no more bubblegum pop s**t that doesn’t sound like dancehall riddims, no more autotune, no more paying money fi chune play, no more bleach pon face and pants below waist.”