Sister Charmaine and Lady Ann

A GoFundMe account has been launched for Sister Charmaine’s funeral amid speculations about her cause of death.

Fans are yet to learn the cause of death of veteran female deejay Charmaine “Sister Charmaine” McKenzie. However, a GoFundMe has been launched to cover her funeral expenses this week.

The iconic 1980s deejay’s funeral will be held this Saturday, with viewing taking place at the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in the Bronx between 12 midday and 1 pm.

Last week it was revealed by the entertainer’s best friend Lady Ann that she had died in her sleep. However, according to The Gleaner, the autopsy on Charmaine’s body has not taken place yet.

During a Onstage interview last week, Lady Ann told host Winford Williams that Charmaine was doing a baby-sitting job in another state at the time of her death.

“I talk to har like three days before she passed because she was supposed to call mi. So when I didn’t get the phone call from her, I called her house, and when I called her house, her boyfriend picked up the phone and said she died,” she explained.

“She didn’t die in the Bronx; she died upstate in Boston. Because that’s where she go to do the job. She went to go do a job and she feed di baby and put down di baby to take a nap and then she herself lay dung to take a nap and she didn’t wake up back,” she added.

Lady Ann also played down rumors that the star would be buried in her birth country of Jamaica.

“They are not going to bury her in Jamaica cause I don’t think she have any family there, because as I understand she is the only child for her mother but she has brothers and sisters that are here in the Bronx. So she has one daughter and one granddaughter and her daughter is an American born,” she said.

Sister Charmaine was one of the biggest female artists in the 1980s, with several chart-topping singles. Some of her biggest hits include, Granny Advice, Strong Body Gal, Tightness, and Man Look Nice.

A GoFundMe has since launched by the deejay’s relatives to assist with the funeral expenses. So far the account has reached just over $8,000 of its US$20,000 target.