D’Angel has clapped back at critics of her OnlyFans account calling them hypocrites.

On Monday the Dancehall star lashed out at critics following some heavy criticism about her latest skimpy post.

The “Stronger” singer had tongues wagging after posting a very risque photo wearing no underwear. “Wah my body try gwaan a yuh bed back! #TalkAbout,” she captioned the post.

While some fans complimented the entertainer on her sexy physique there were some who blasted the star.

“You don’t need to do this type of thing, there are kids looking up to you. This is not a good message you are sending to the younger ones,” one fan wrote.

“Remember your a mom ur son might be watching u,” another added.

However, D’Angel was in no mood for the backlash as she promptly clapped back at the critics in her Instagram Story.

“So when Jlo do this its okay, but when me do it the kids are watching! Unno move uno hypocrite dirty b*dct and tek mi name outta un

The outburst seemed to draw the support of some fans who agreed with her argument.

“But in all honesty where is the lie. These people twisting thing to make it convenient to them,” one fan declared.

D’Angel is one of several Dancehall stars to flock to the OnlyFans platform. Other stars include controversial female star Ishawna, who has also received her fair share of flack from critics.