Bounty Killer has responded to Safaree launching a petition to get his United States visa and work permit reinstated.

The Jamaican rapper and songwriter started the petition on earlier this week and has already received over 3,000 signatures with dancehall fans across stating that it is about time Bounty Killer be allowed the freedom of travelling to the US for work purposes.

Speaking on the petition, the veteran dancehall artiste said he was extremely happy and humbled by the support however he is not sure how much of a difference it will make.

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“Safaree is a good friend of mine, and he thinks that getting a petition signed could make a difference, so this was all Safaree’s idea. I don’t even know if it’s going to make a difference, but that’s what he says he can do in his own capacity, so I let him,” the ‘Warlord’ said.

“I have been making all the necessary steps where it’s concerned to get back my visa from ever since. I guess I’m just being put on the back-burner, and I have to just wait until God make dem find it inna dem heart to give me back,” he added.

Bounty Killer also used the opportunity to thank everyone who signed the petition and shared that he hopes this move will make a difference.