Denyque has finally broken her silence.

Just hours after her husband, Careem Mullings, posted a photo of his pregnant wife on social media bringing to an end months of speculation that the “Proud Wifey” singer was indeed with child, rumours started to circulate that Denyque had given birth in the United States.

In a submission sent to popular gossip blogger, Dear Dream, a social media user appearing to be close to the singer and model sent congratulations to the couple after Denyque allegedly gave birth in Florida.

Denyque Responds To Assault Rumors

“Congratulations to the birth [of] your first child, baby Bella was born in Florida and she’s doing okay,” the sender wrote.

However shortly after the post went viral, Denyque took to her Instagram story to refute the claims. “Fake News,” she wrote, “If y’all don’t stop. Where unu find the time?!.”

#Denyque said she didn’t give birth 👀

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