Bounty Killer and Dancehall entertainer Iyara have been going at it on social media following the announcement of his spit from the Alliance Camp.

Iyara took to the media earlier this week to declare that he had left the Bounty Killer-led Alliance camp and is now doing his own thing.

The “Not Giving Up” deejays said his decision to leave was due to his career being stagnant in recent years as he needed more emphasis placed on management, bookings and merchandising.

“When you’re in a big group like that, you’re not gonna get that much focus. That is part of the reason why me haffi seh ‘own way. I’m doing my own thing. Over the years, we deh roun Killer, and we a put in the work, and me feel like a di time now fi elevate and focus pon me self. Mi cyaan live inna your father’s house forever,” he said.

Shortly after Iyara, Bounty Killer took to social media to address his departure. “Alliance wishes Iyara all the best in his career and endeavours but attention was not and could never be the issue yute. Maybe more like over exposure by you being in the public’s eye way before fully developing proper skills. I know lyrics was always there but variation of vocal abilities, melody schemes and flows, is just coming full circle,” Bounty Killer wrote on Instagram.

Bounty Killer also recounted an incident where Iyara turned down a Reggae Sumfest booking he had engineered in order to do a show overseas. The ‘Warlord’ even suggested that Iyara was ungrateful and that he was no longer a part of the Alliance.

“No man cannot declare that he left Alliance and still considered to be a part, hell no! Busy never said he left and he is doing his own thing from then. Bling didn’t, Marshall didn’t, they just branched off to do their own but never announce no affiliation and since ‘own way’ ting (making reference to Iyara’s current song) you stopped coming to Bounty Sundays so how do you still support Alliance?” Bounty wrote.

“If most man get one per cent of the attention you got you would realise how much you should be thankful,” Bounty’s post continued.