Macka Diamond via Instagram

Macka Diamond has brushed off claims that her recent ‘deliverance’ by a pastor was a publicity stunt.

The veteran Dancehall star was subjected to heavy criticism after a video of her being ‘delivered’ emerged on social media.

In the video, Macka was seen receiving prayer as she kneels before a pastor in a church. The pastor is seen with his hands on Macka’s forehead calling for ‘freedom!’ while anointing her head with a substance.

However, it seems some fans were not convinced, with many blatantly calling it a publicity stunt.

Despite this, Macka has hit back saying she would never play with God’s name, insisting that the act was genuine.

“It is no secret that I have been going through a lot of things. I have been under attack from the devil for a long time, and that is one of the reasons I even started fasting and praying. I want to connect with God more this year, stay close to Him, have Him guide and protect me in everything I do,” she said. “If me even a go pan the stage go wine up mi self, mi a say a prayer because mi just wah be closer to God. I used to be very close to God, use to pray every day, all when me a go pan stage. Me used to do fasting all when me a go party. Mi just a go take things up more serious again.”

Macka also played down rumors that her deliverance was an indication she was ready to convert to Christianity.

“Mi just wah pray to me God and get close to Him. When me get me calling, me get it and mi go. Mi know say God call me inna dancehall and say a dis a my place, and mi just a gwaan do weh me a do,” she said. “Di vision fi go inna Church nuh reach me yet. My calling is fi tan a my yard, pray to God and keep me career going; and mi know God a go carry me tru, because di same God weh inna Church gimme dis talent.”

Last month Macka and popular dancer TallUp announced that they were fasting to drive out evil spirits from Dancehall. The announcement came after spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith claimed he “slowed down” her career for Spice.