Buju Banton via Instagram

Buju Banton has continued on his quest to ‘wake up’ fans for the New Year.

On Tuesday the Reggae superstar took to Instagram to wish fans a happy New Year while asking them an important question.

“Blessed New Year, greetings good people of the world. Are you still sleeping?” he asked with the caption “let’s start the show” along with a popcorn emoji.

Although the “Til Shiloh” singer did not explicitly spell it out many fans have speculated is referring to COVID-19 pandemic.

Buju’s call for enlightenment seemed to be backed by fans as many took to hi page to fuel the cryptic question.

“Many are truly sleeping through the most blatant plan against humanity smdh” one fan commented.

Last year the Reggae superstar faced backlash after he made several controversial comments about the pandemic. “Jamaican people need to wake up. Mi na wear no mask cause mask nuh mek fi man” he declared.

Buju went on to accuse the authorities of beingintellectual fools saying, “wi waa done wid dis mask wearing bullsh-t inna Jamaica. Who fi dead ago dead and who na go dead, haffi jus live”.

The Rastafarian singer further went on to imply that the entire pandemic was one big scheme devised by governments.

His comments were blasted by many fans, including his own daughters Abihail and Jodian, who encouraged fans not to listen.

However, Buju’s claims did find support from some including fellow Reggae artiste Tanya Stephens. The “Its A Pity” star seemingly lended her support to Buju after urging fans to think outside the narrative.