Timberlee Heaven is back on the Dancehall scene with a brand new track titled “Basic.”

The “Bubble Like Soup” singer has been on a hiatus for quite some time however her longtime team Ward 21 approached her back in April, asking if she was ready to make a return.

According to Timberlee she told producer Suku that she was willing to hit the studio to record however she was not willing to write as her mind was not there.

The move created her latest offer, “Basic” which is now making rounds on the local airwaves.

“When I recorded Basic, Suku was so annoyed because I literally took two takes to do the verses, and he was like, ‘You haven’t recorded in years and look at how talented you are,’ and I’m like, OK, don’t start, because I really am just going with the flow,” the deejay-turned-busiensswoman said.

Last year Timberlee opened up a restaurant in her home town, Mandeville, Manchester called “Pepperseed Jerk Centre”.

At the time, she was not walking away from music, which gave Dancehall fans hope of her return to the industry.

“What I can say is that the pandemic has definitely allowed time for a lot of introspection and I am happy about that. It kinda slowed everything down and a lot of people, myself included, have been talking about mediation and positive energy. Right now, mi just a enjoy this whole process and anything weh feel good and natural to me and mi nah force it, a dat mi a do,” Timberlee added.