Spice has continued her verbal assault on media personalities Naro and Nikki Z calling them “fake.”

The “Black Hypocrisy” star took to Instagram earlier this week to share a clip of her latest single “Fake,” while dedicating it to the two media personalities whom she declared she would be degrading for an entire week.

“Dedicating this song off my captured mix tape called “FAKE” to Naro and you miss Nikky Z you claim i must be the bigger person and every one is entitled to their opinion so in my humble opinion you fake no bloodclaat and i’m going to drag you and degrade you just for “one week” make see how it feel and make sure you sit down and be the bigger person and keep your “Morals”. Remember you are an “ambassador” for women empowerment too so make sure you don’t reply to me or get upset and when you see me you try happy same way and laugh in my face, cause you a gwan like a me make the god from the gully f**k yu and no want yu #oooohhhhyufake #Fake,” she captioned the post.

The Dancehall entertainer made headlines on Thursday after a video surfaced on social media showing her blasting the Nightly Fix host.

Nikki Z Responds To Spice’s Threat Amidst Naro Beef

Spice slammed popular online podcast host at her ‘Captured’ Mixtape launch party in Kingston for allegedly degrading her for years, which she believes is a classic case of “Black Hypocrisy.”

Fellow media personality Nikki Z got caught in the mix after she took to social media claiming that Spice should’ve been the bigger person in the situation, a move which evidently angered the Dancehall star.

Fans have taken to social media weigh in on the situation with many offering their own opinions of the situation.

But the funny thing is if u watch naro video he has proven that one more than one occasion he had spoken good about her…. smdh,” one fan wrote while another commented, “that’s why ppl need publicist she don’t understand the publicity game, the focus is no longer on her mixtape it’s on here disrespect bad move she need to get a publicist and change the story.”