Spice and Nicholas Lall

Spice has broken her silence on her baby daddy Nicholas Lall allegedly raping her former dancer DHQ Danger.

DHQ Danger stepped forward earlier this week and accused Lall of rapping her while they were on tour in Europe.

According to the Montego Bay-based dancer, Nicholas Lall allegedly secured a second swipe key to her hotel room, and he forced himself on while also threatening her to harm.

On Wednesday, Spice went live to address the allegations and declared that she is in full support of DHQ Danger and urged the dancer to report the matter to the police.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta says what was a plot and scheme by her former spiritual advisor RT Boss and Nicholas Lall to destroy her career, ultimately backfired.

“Yuh end up flop yuh own self, you try fi flop me and it backfire and fly up in yuh face and I never lift a straw or lif’ a finger…the man a call up mi name and call down old house fi tumble down on me.”

Spice explained that she is supportive of DHQ Danger because many women experience sexual trauma but are crucified when they come out into the public. “mi see some a unu a say a lie Danger a tell and why she never come out and talk but a nuff girls out there going through the same thing and dem fraid fi talk because we a di same one weh say dem a lie,” she continued.

Spice called on media houses to stop using her and image with Nicholas Lall when reporting the story, “da man deh bring me through hell. Unnu know the man weh come out fi bring me down and im’ plot and scheme and make im’ owna voicenote a sent to himself and it make me laugh but when my own baby fada go pon Instagram live fi bring me down fi make me feel a way.”

The “Needle Eye” deejay continued by blasting Lall who went on RT Boss’ live to brag about having sex with Danger.

“Yuh feel like when you say yuh f**k Danger it ago look bad pon me and people ago laugh and say Spice Baby fada did a f**k an her…memba a years mi inna the house and we nah have sex…God mash up the plan and dash it in unu face.”

Spice says she would have supported Danger had she known that she was raped. “mi nuh care baby fada or baby fada not, any man weh rape deserve fi go a prison.”