Shenseea says she wanted to quit the music industry following death of her late mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams.

The Romeich Entertainment artiste made the statement recently when she appeared on Yendi Phillipps’ talks show “Odyssey with Yendi.”

“I felt like this was the end of my career,” Shenseea said. “I told my team that mi nuh know how I’m gonna get up. I’ve never been through this before, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life, this has been the worst day of my life. There’s nothing that can beat this, I don’t see it.”

ShenYeng explained that the outpouring of love from her team, fans, family and entertainment community has helped to lift her. She’s also learnt to be more appreciative of the people around her.

“I wasn’t the type of person that sentimental…since the passing of my mom I found myself just showing appreciation more, me hug up people more like mi nuh hug people, the only person I will hug is my son, I don’t do that with nobody,” she continued.

“Is like God taught mi a lesson in the loss, don’t take nothing fi granted, nuh tek nothing fi nobody fi granted, nuh tek nuh time fi granted. Nothing at all,” Shenseea added.

Castilyn Eleanor Williams, who everyone affectionately called Mama Shenyeng passed away suddenly on Thursday June 25th a short time after being admitted in the hospital for a mild stroke and subsequent heart attack.

Shenseea laid her mother to rest on Wednesday, July 8 at a private ceremony in Kingston.