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Sean Paul is so busy touring the world that he forgot his wife, Jodi Jinx’s birthday on Monday.

The TV host called out the International Recording artist on social media after he failed to send her birthday wishes. Jinx uploaded a selfie with a snapchat filter sharing that she’ll be going Mercedes-Benz shopping to comfort herself.

“The face I make when it’s my birthday but my husband [Sean Paul] has forgotten so I’m heading down to [Mercedes-Benz Jamaica] so I don’t feel too bad,” she wrote.

As we still wait on Jinx’s new whip – SP finally sent his wife birthday wishes a few hours after her post.

“Happy Birthday [to] my wife,” he wrote. “Can’t put into words how much i love you! Thank you for being the best wife, my best friend [and] the beautiful mother of our child.”

“I can’t wait to be with you both again,” he added.