Romeich Major is now under fire following after comments he made about a waitress in an Atlanta restaurant.

Dancehall fans have called blasted the entertainment mogul calling him impolite and disrespectful. The backlash stems from an incident where he declared that he would ‘kick down’ a middle-aged waitress for not serving his team quicker.

The entire ordeal was captured as his artiste, Shenseea, was live-streaming on Instagram at the restaurant. The “Blessed” singer was heard complaining about the waitress and how long the meal was taking.

During the Live, Shenseea complained that the waitress had served others who had arrived after her team. The “Sure Sure” star then went on to suggest that the woman deserved to disrespected.

“Yuh tell mi seh di ooman really nuh put een mi orda? Hey. No, shi haffi guh get a likkle bit a disrespect,” Shenseea said.

However, the tipping point for many fans was when Romeich interjected, “A wet wi a guh wet har up…” He then added “Yuh si if a Jamaica, one kick inna har bom__claat.

Romeich would then call for the manager before snarling that he should buy the restaurant and fire the entire staff.

Dozens of fans flocked to social media to voice their opinion on the incident, with majority blasting the pair.

“Seriously people supporting them people yah, weh treat people like dirt, Jesus take the wheel,” one fan commented. The sentiments were echoed by another fan who declared, “very very rude and remember God don’t like ugly…. You guys provoking her and that’s just wrong.”

“They were being very disrespectful. They have no respect for the waitress. It was there attitude why the waitress didn’t want to deal with them. I wouldn’t want to serve them either. Someone on her team said in Jamaica he would kick the waitress. I can only imagine how they treat people in Jamaica. Smh. This was embarrassing,” another fan declared.

Romeich has since reacted to the backlash by insisting he is not an abusive man in an apology via his Instagram stories.

“For all ladies that took what I said about waitress last night I apologise. I aint no abuser nor am I a woman beater but a hungry man is a angry man and that waitress was very rude but I apologise for saying “if a did ja me did deh woulda kick her” cause I ain’t putting no hands or feet on no one so am SORRY!!’” he wrote.