Usain Bolt via Instagram

Usain Bolt has a surprise for the doubters who questioned his seriousness about transitioning into music.

The Olympic sprint legend has big plans ahead for his music, and it isn’t just confined to Jamaica.

In a recent interview, the former sprinter revealed plans to drop new tracks, leading up to his 1st EP. According to Bolt, he is not only aiming towards the local Dancehall scene but hopes to take his music worldwide.

“Well music, music-wise we are working on some new riddims to drop out to drop, soon, knowing the whole pandemic we’re not trying to rush anything we’re taking our time to make sure the music comes out at the right time so that’s the focus we also have an EP that we are working on so that should be something interesting and also to look out for,” he said.

Bolt continued saying, “That’s the major goal yuh nu to try to get not only dominate the Jamaican market but also to get into the international market, but as I say earlier it takes time we’re just trying to get a foothold, trying to make people understand that we’re not just here joking around we are serious about the music so we’re just gonna take our time just like in track and field, it’s all about its work and dedicating and just taking our time. We don’t want to rush into anything make any mistakes so we wanna take our time we will get there we believe in ourselves and we believe in the product we put out there.”

Usain Bolt recently released his latest single, “Living The Dream,” featuring best friend and manager Nugent’ NJ’ Walker.