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It seems the week of clashes as Nikki Z and Reggae singer Etana became the latest to lock horns on social media.

On Friday the “Strong One” fired off shots at the popular media personality after she tweeted a photo of them together in thread started by filmaker Ava DuVernay.

The incident all began after Nikki Z tweeted the photo in response to the filmmaker’s Twitter challenge of “replacing images of a Trump supporter cutting a young black man’s locs” with pictures celebrating the #loclife.

Although Nikki claims the tweet was innocent in nature, it seems Etana may have picked up on an underlying intent as she quickly hit back saying “Leave me out of your political tweets i will talk about and get involved in what i choose.”

The saucy interaction immediately drew the attention of many fans who took to social media to have their say on the exchange.

“Etana did well waa peppa her man long time she have dat pan her chest,” one fan proclaimed while another commented “Etan’s been cancelled since she supported trump”

Etana previously faced a massive backlash from Reggae fans over comments she made during the US presidential elections, where she infamously endorsed Trump.