Beenie Man’s parenting skills is once again in the spotlight.

The veteran Dancehall entertainer came under fire recently from his baby mama, Dancehall Queen Carlene who hinted that he is a deadbeat bad.

The former Dancehall Queen, and Beenie Man’s daughter, Crystal Davis, graduated sixth form last week and Carlene said it was an extremely tough year for them however they did it all without the help from the Doc.

During a lengthy video, Carlene thanked a slew of people including her hairdresser, teachers, friends and family members whom she said had supported Crystal’s educational journey and her well-being, all expect Beenie Man.

“It was a tough year for me and a hard journey, but my daughter stood the test of time; stood through the challenges,” Carlene said. “If it were not for my friends and family for me to give thanks to, I don’t know how I would have managed this. Yes, we did it without any father; it’s just me and her and my family and friends; not going to glorify anything that’s not real.”

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