Chronixx, Cocoa Tea, Etana, Ghost and Romain Virgo have been listed as some of the Reggae entertainers who will perform with Buju Banton at his highly anticipated Long Walk To Freedom concert at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica on March 16.

The concert will be the first show on Buju Banton’s “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” Buju’s son Jahzeil, who recently launched his music career, will also perform at the event. Other acts include Delly Ranks, Agent Sasco and LUST.

“These are the ones performing, but the ‘and friends’ is still there,” the singer’s publicist, Ronnie Tomlinson, revealed.

Buju Banton Shares Message At Long Walk To Freedom Tour Launch

Buju Banton has been very hands-on in helping to organize the concert and picking the acts whom he wants to perform with him. Tomlinson says the Grammy-winning singer is in high spirit and is looking forward to performing for his local fans.

“We know he’s looking forward to a 90-minute set, but there might be more time based on conversations we’ve had,” Tomlinson added.

Tomlinson said Buju Banton is in high spirits for the show and is currently rehearsing, “I can definitely say that he is excited. He’s really anticipating the performance. Rehearsals are going on, and he always wants to go to rehearsal, to make sure everything is right.”