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Bounty Killer is working to dethrone Foota Hype as the social media icon of the year.

Following his controversial ‘Quote of the day’ and claiming that Ishawna was the reason for Foota Hype getting a stroke, Killer took to his Instagram account on Wednesday to send an emotional message to his longtime girlfriend that has since gone viral.

Bounty Killer Says Ishawna Gave Foota Hype Stroke

The ‘War Lord’ lauded his queen, Claudia, in a lengthly post thanking her for staying with him throughout the years, showing his late mother love, and accepting all his children.

“I r the Gun and u are the Bullet,” Killer wrote sending fans into a frenzy. The two then enjoyed a Spa Day before going out for dinner.

Check out Bounty Killer’s full posts below.

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