Spice and Nicholas Lall

Spice’s ex Nicholas Lall has vowed to remain “daddy” to their son regardless of the results of a DNA test. 

According to Lall, he intends to do the DNA test following recent allegations that Nicholas may not be his child. “It’s better him know the truth and know who him father is,” Lall said during a recent interview. “I would like for him to know him father. If a nuh me a him daddy, know yuh father. Yuh have a father and yuh have a daddy, lucky you… So gwaan a yuh father and when yuh ready yuh come find yuh daddy… If it’s like that, mi already accept that… I will never stop love him, I will never see him any different.”

Lall’s declaration comes just weeks after Spice’s former spiritual advisor, RT Boss, claimed he was not the 13-year-old’s father. According to him, fellow Dancehall artiste Baby Cham is the boy’s actual biological father.

The claim saw Spice clap-back saying Lall is free to do a DNA test for his “peace of mind.”

According to Lall, he was not surprised as he had long had his suspicions about Spice and Cham’s relationship. 

“When my son was four months old, there was a photo in the house with a little baby,” he said. “It was Baby Cham son and I was going through the draw and I see the baby (photo)… She told me that Cham is her musical brother… When I found the pic I called her in the room and I was looking at the pic and looking at my son like, ‘damn they look alike’. Mi call her and mi seh, ‘Yow a Cham a him father?’. She cried, (said) I’m evil, ‘you’re wicked and how could you even say that’… Fi days the woman a bawl until mi even start feel bad.”

Lall claims he even received a recent video of Cham’s son and was shocked as he was the spitting image of his son.

“That sh*t hurt me yow. I cried suh til mi all freaking vomit. The worst thing about it is I love this kid so much, I would die for that kid.”

However, Lall says that wasn’t even the worst part as his son actually called him about the situation.

“Daddy they say I’m a jacket’… Mi seh, ‘Poppy if you’re a jacket you’re the jacket that I’m gonna wear’… Mi seh, ‘Whether or not I’m your biological father, I’m your dad and nothing in this world can ever change that… Everything that we say we was gonna do, we’re gonna do it and I’m not gonna leave you to go through this by yourself. We’re gonna go through this together’ and all he said was, ‘Yes daddy’.” 

Interestingly Lall also revealed that Cham is actually his son’s Godfather.

In recent years Lall and Spice have endured a very bitter public relationship. On several occasions, she accused him of not supporting his children financially.

In his own defense, Lall claims he only recently found himself in a stable situation after finishing college. He also hit back saying he was denied access to his children, only recently gaining access.

“She a reach out fi mi deal wid paperwork fi mi daughter get back her passport and yuh know where fi reach mi all along,” he said. “I can get phone call to dem now cause she need me fi do something for dem now. When I sign dem documents deh and send back to her I guarantee mi nah hear from dem again.”