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Just days after congratulating Shaggy on his $100 million donate to the Bustamante Children’s Hospital, Bounty Killer is set to hand over 60 beds to the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals today.

According to the veteran Dancehall artiste, whose given name is Rodney Price, he decided to step in and play his part after seeing several heart-rending stories about the conditions of Jamaica’s health sector.

“As a thriving Jamaican who came from nothing to something, I know I had to give back. I also have a special connections with those two hospitals because not only was I born at Jubilee but in the late 80s, when I got shot, KPH was where they took me,” Bounty Killer said. “Over the years, everybody know me ‘The Poor People Governor’ and it is not just something that I say but it’s a lifestyle that I try to live by. We have to give in order to receive, my mother taught me those good values,” he added.

Bounty Killer said the beds came at a cost however he got them into Jamaica hassle-free as he was awarded a waiver from the finance ministry. He added that Tuesday’s donation will be the start of what he has to offer to the health industry.