Romeich Major is hitting back at the negative comments about the gifts Shenseea gave her number one fan.

Earlier this week the “Jiggle Jiggle” singer sent her team to visit 12-year-old Giana Lewis on her birthday.

Shenseea uploaded a video on her Instagram account showing Lewis receiving merchandise from her ‘Shen Yeng’ clothing line along with a Vault bag back from Romeich Entertainment on her special day.

The video was lauded by several fans on social media who appreciated Shenseea’s kind gesture, “Wow this is why i love you so much! keep working hard and doing good Shenseea,” one user wrote, while another added, “Its always lovely to see when artistes give back to their fans and not only focus negativity and mixup.”

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Unfortunately, the video also got some negative comments with some claiming that it was just another publicity stunt for attention and others asking why the child was not given any money to go towards her education.

“How bout some Shen Yeng tuition?” one user questioned, while another said it was all just for promotions, “Lol gave her a book bag and advertisement then used her in this video advertisement #2birdsonestone.”

Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major saw the comments a lashed out the haters. According to her its evident that Lewis was happy with the gifts she received from his team.

Major also pointed out that the gifts were what she requested, “Ediot bwoy that’s what the girl said she wanted for her bday a gift you too nuff no one need no advertisement from a child,” he wrote.