Nicholas Lall, the estranged baby daddy and ex-fiancé of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice is defending Majah Hype amidst abuse allegations.

Lall who is the father of Spice’s two children, shared a lengthy post on Instagram showing support for the popular comedian, while sharing that he also faced abuse from a former spouse.

“Always remember every great man down fall is always a woman but always remember this man a king Inna Earth stay strong I STAND WITH YOU,” Nicholas wrote under an image he uploaded of Majah Hype.

“The world is bashing this man every one is saying he’s a abuser, a woman beater no one is taking the time out to see the pain that he’s going through, mental and verbal abuse is twice as bad as physical abuse I can relate to most things he’s facing but not every man is strong enough to walk.

“Not everything in this life glitter is gold we all have to face our demons,” he continued. “A narcissist will do all the bad in the shadows an come in the public eye plays the victim win the people turn the world against you.”