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Laden is furious with Dancehall selectors for not playing his new singles however constantly flooding events with Vybz Kartel and Alkaline songs.

The ‘Time To Shine’ deejay took to his Instagram account on Thursday to blast disc jocks during a video rant.

Real talk man a Mek who Wah vex vex!!!!???,” Laden captioned his first post.

“Why me never ever happen to hear my single “ME SAME ONE” played on a radio station in Jamaica???,” he said in another.

“A song weh released a couple months now eeh? Just like how unuh look past solid music a same suh unuh fi look past f**kry to eno…. but no f**kry a di in thing ? Me a real Yute eno me cudda a gwaan wid buy f**kry like some p***y!? mi find out Seh wen u too humble some a Dem p***y Yah inna di music industry wi mek yuh dead fi hungry eno an dat nah Guh work with mi oh!”

“Me kno some man weh literally look past my works just because I’m not in the top10 at the moment but watch di pree now unuh can continue zeeen cuz mi kno now wat is wat unuh nah show no love inna di music again, unuh just love artist weh hot?Dem literally a look past man works. #smfh,” he added.

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According to the St Elizabeth-based artiste, he reached his breaking point earlier this week after a reputable media house uploaded a photo wishing him happy birthday however fans questioned if he was still alive or doing music.

“mi see d comment and a say jahh know star mi feel a way cause mi a work hard and a mek good music” said Laden “so mi a medz the whole music industry and a say Look how mi a hold it, look how mi na stray from how I started out on a positive note and positive vibes right through”

“Mi have a song name ‘Me Same One’ and every day somebody message mi and tell mi how da song deh solid and how much it a do fi dem. if dem drive mi song dem like how mi see dem drive some oda man song dem would a much bigger.” he added.

Following the outburst, Laden says hopes real selectors don’t take his posts personal however he was hurt by the lack of attention he is getting from the industry and felt the need to speak. He is currently promoting his new singles ‘Dutty Money’, ‘On The Go’ and ‘Me Same One’