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The rumor mill is spinning with reports of an altercation between Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta backstage Reggae Sumfest 2017 on Dancehall Night.

According to an eyewitness reports, there was a brawl between Alkaline’s Vendetta camp and Tommy Lee Sparta’s crew following the ‘Badness It Name’ deejay dissing the ‘Uncle Demon’ during his set.

Sources say members of Sparta’s camp approached Alkaline and his team immediately after he exited the stage Saturday morning however police quickly defused the situation and now organizers are trying to keep it behind closed doors.

Alkaline Diss Tommy Lee Sparta, Popcaan & NotNice At Reggae Sumfest

“A lot of things happened the night that they don’t want the public to know, the show was very disorganized and they were making a ton of last minute changes,” sources told The Tropixs. “There was also an incident when Alkaline and Tommy Lee backstage after he dissed him but thank god there was a heavy police presence.”