Yendi Phillipps is keeping her personal life away from social media as much as possible.

While many of us can’t go a day without posting our significant other online, the Jamaican TV host, model and beauty queen has restricted her romantic posts to three times year.

Fans interested in Yendi Phillipps’ love life, will only get a glimpse of her longtime beau on Valentine’s day, his birthday and Christmas.

The Odyssey By Yendi host shared a photo of her lover on Tuesday via social media with a cryptic caption, “7❤ #MyCupOfT,” however the true story was in the captions.

“Mi Tell Unnuh From Long Time, Unnu Nah See Him Again Till Christmas,” she hash-tagged, along with “See Christmas Come Here, Thrice A Year.”

Lastly for those trying to pry into her love life, Yendi hash-tagged, “Fassness Kill Miss Mary Puss🙃.”