Yendi Phillipps

Yendi Phillipps says she caught her neighbour recording and taking photos of her while she was doing a workout session.

The Jamaican TV host, model and beauty queen shared the story with her followers via Twitter.

“I will NEVER be ok with a violation of personal space! I just caught someone who lives 2 yards away recording/taking photos of me while I was working out! When he realised I saw him he jumped & ran inside,then continued from behind a sheer curtain,” Phillipps wrote.

“I am at home. NOT OK!.”

“Being in a public space is one thing, but in your home is another. My gym has closed with the pandemic so I created a space to exercise for my wellness, mental health and centering. [Honestly] my stomach dropped when I saw him!,” Yendi Phillipps continued.

Attorney-at-law, Clyde Williams responded to Phillipps’ Tweets and gave her some legal advice.

“Breach of right to privacy, imo, and issues of image rights arise as well, imo. A stern letter from, you know who, as a line drawn and setting stage for future action if and as required. It should not be take lightly,” he wrote.