Yanique Curvy Diva
Yanique Curvy Diva

Popcaan wasn’t lying when he said, “she smell mi Invictus and get nervous,” as it seems Yanique Curvy Diva is now crushing over his hygienic practices.

The “Lifestyle” singer recently uploaded a video of the Unruly Boss to her Instagram story which shows him applying one of his favourite cologne, Creed.

Gushing over the video, Yanique Curvy Diva wrote “I’m obsessed with a man weh smell good,” with the (Weary Face emoji). “Done di cologne man, done it,” she continued.

Yanique wasn’t the only one who showered Popcaan with compliments over the viral video, “The one poppy just have a buzz i love him so much,” one Dancehall fan wrote.

“I love you,” another users simply said.