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Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett finally posted a photo of daughter Jada.

The Media Personality/Dancehall Artist uploaded photos of her Twelve-year-old  daughter, Jada-Marie, as she celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14.

“Finally I get to post a pic of this amazing, sweet, sassy little Diva my baby Jada-Marie. She said just because it’s Mother’s Day ? still begging her for a better pic ???,” she wrote.

“After mi beg fi a better pic she gi mi half a face #midone ?????,” she added in another post.

The controversial TV Host recently revealed that she tries her best to shield her daughter from the spotlight and keep her away from her “Curvy Diva” persona.

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“I tend to not incorporate my daughter in a lot of stuff because what I do sometimes is risquE and people will say, ‘Yuh have a child and yuh doing this or that,” she Told The Jamaica Star. “The thing is, I protect my child from what I do so when everybody is creating such an excitement over stuff, she’s so clueless to it. Her school, her friends, they don’t watch Magnum, “so her environment is so structured that she isn’t exposed.”

She also explained that the Yanique we see on social media/TV and the one at home is completely two difference persons. “When I do what I do is because that’s the Curvy Diva. Yanique, separate and apart, is a mommy, I carry her to school, pick her up. I’m a family person, a homebody. I wrap up with my baby girl, and that’s it.”

Yanique describes herself as a strict however often lenient parent.