Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel’s daughter is speaking out on her relationship with his ex-lover Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson, her brothers and aunts.

Over the weekend Gaza fans asked Adi’Anna if she ever enjoys quality time with her siblings and the answer was a clear and resounding no, “Not really I guess their mom is against it so,” she wrote.

She was also asked why Vybz Kartel sister’s only upload images of Shorty’s kids on social media, to which she responded, “They one show love to my brothers, well the 3 the aunty Tanisha has (Shorty),” she wrote, “Maybe they don’t like me but as long as my mom and dad LOVES me I’m golden.”

Here’s Why Vybz Kartel And Shorty Ended Their Relationship

“[It] breaks my heart but what can i do[?] I’m 11 but i’m my father’s child and my mother is similar to my father so i can’t escape being blunt!.”

“I love them though and i pray that they’ll realize that i’m daddy’s daughter…. And if they love daddy the way they say they do, loving me would come naturally… Don’t you think?,” she continued.