Vybz Kartel - The Tropixs

Vybz Kartel has clapped back at a fan following statements criticizing his online presence while being in prison.

The incarcerated Dancehall superstar surely had time last weekend as he took the time out to address one fan on Instagram who rebuked his activity on social media activity despite serving a prison sentence.

The interaction unfolded over the weekend when the “Fever” deejay posted a video clip of legendary Dancehall selector Fire Linkz, hailing him as the first sound system to play a Vybz Kartel dubplate.

However, it seems the activity managed to offend one fan in particular who proceeded to call out the deejay over the-post.

“This is a slapping in Clive Lizard family face you were found guilty and sentenced to hard labour, and you find time to post on social media everyday, not even me that got my freedom posted so much, Jamaica justice System is so corrupt, Society is a better place without Vybz Kartel I pray you never get out, you won’t anyways,” the fan posted.

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This did not go unseen by the deejay as he quickly clapped back saying “You’re not praying for money? Not praying that your kids can live like mine or better? You’re not even praying for a tighter vagina? But you want to pray for the downfall of a man who is unstoppable? No wonder you’re broke and sad, black people are the most professional haters on earth.”

The clapback was soon deleted by the Dancehall superstar but not before catching the attention of loyal fans who also blasted the online user, forcing her-to private her Instagram page.

Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting a verdict in his appeal trial for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

View Kartel’s response below.