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Gaza fans have vowed to stop supporting Popcaan following Shawn Storm’s claims that he snitched on his former mentor Vybz Kartel.

Last week Friday Sivva dropped a diss track titled ‘No Frauds’ in which he labelled the ‘Unruly Boss’ as an informer. “…Seh Gaza from mi a wear nappy, new name fi informa.. Poppy! dem boy deh a some groupie, druppy.. get the Vybz rum and doah dilute it,” Shawn Storm deejays. “…Him have police number pan speed dial doah trus dem gi him vial / him sell out the crocs and run weh & the case deven reach trial,” he added.

Since then loyal fans of the self-proclaimed ‘WorlBoss’ say they won’t be listening to any more music from the former Portmore Empire deejay calling him a snitch.

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“Snitch ..p**y u cyaa diss the boss bout wah do some old p**y.. Cya pass u place enuh fish.. True drake a f**k u feel like u up deh battyman ..ungrateful p**yhole sell out the Gaza stop u fi stop call the Gaza name pon stage fi look hype yere that fish.. U life a scratch u p***y.. Think u whole heap a man them deh round u can protect when the drive by wid 3 k p***yhole,” one Gaza fan wrote on the ‘Stray Dog’ deejay’s Instagram account.

“Jah kno Popcaan mi did rate yuh but yah snitch suh mi affi guh cut the link mi killy because a Gaza mi seh straight, yuh cyaa diss the boss and think a suh it aguh guh yah p***y,” another added.

“Flopcaan don’t bite the hands that feed you before. a wha do yuh unruly”

“popcaanmusic guh suk u mada DWG…. U nuh bad like d Gaza Ina nuh way shape nor form… Play informa position & a pose up like ya top strika bt wi seet long time… Guh suk drake cacky from start to finish pussy…. Waste man!!!,” another wrote.