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Ishawna’s performance at Dream Weekend’s Xtreme Wet N Wild on Sunday was disrupted when she was watered off stage.

The controversial Dancehall artist was drenched with buckets of water and super soakers when she began performing smash hit single “Equal Rights” at the Kool Runnings Water Park.

Veteran Dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn then stepped in to calm the crowd after they damaged the sound equipment and Ishawna’s microphone.

Ishawna Puts Bumper To Fan’s Forehead During “Equal Rights” Performance

After a few minutes of delays the former Downsound Records artist returned to the stage as her females fans formed a choir and began singing the gritty track as she was without a working mic.

Speaking with Onstage TV shorty after the incident, Ishawna was in good spirits as she says it’s just business as usual.

“You know say that’s how my thing set, always excitement…. that’s how it set for me, festivities on top of festivities,” she said. “The show was fun…. the women came out for me, so all the men that are upset… abay,” Ishawna added.