Well this is an unlikely duo!

Foota Hype is cosigning Vanessa Bling after she recently blasted fellow Dancehall artistes.

The former Portmore Empire/Gaza artiste was speaking with her fans on Instagram Live when she tackled the issue of women not having any moral these days.

Bling then addressed some industry players who she says are doing everything for clout these days. “Some a unu female artiste unu a germs… mi get some video and mi a say ‘why unu affi behave like this?’ Just to say ‘ok unu deh pan top’ ok whatever,” she said.

Vanessa Bling continued by saying some male artistes are ‘fish’ – the Jamaica slang for homosexuals -. “Mi nuh like unu… period,” she added.

Surprisingly during her rant, the “Independent Ladies” singer praised outspoken Dancehall selector/producer Foota Hype, “Me rate Foota, because me think Foota is the type of person who stand up for what him beleive inna… like him really help back Dancehall,” Vanessa Bling continued.

Foota Hype shared her video on Monday and wrote, “Good to hear this from a female, Vanessa Bling speaking on morals.”

Watch below and check out the comments.