Usain Bolt via Instagram

Usain Bolt and NJ have finally responded to Popcaan’s recent jab about their new track “Living The Dream.”

Earlier this week Usain Bolt and his best friend, turned manager, NJ addressed the situation on TVJ’s Entertainment Report.

According to NJ, the criticism is ironic as they are in fact helping out “youth with real musical talent.”

“The irony is that the project is to boost the career of a young producer Roger. He’s a producer that has been trying for years now to get a break, he has sent rhythms to many artistes and they haven’t responded,” NJ said.

“So when he came to us and give us the Olympia Rose Rhythm, and he came to us and was like ‘it’s still hard out there, still not getting a response’ we were like, ‘don’t worry we gonna try with you again, put some speed to the ting.”

“The irony is that a him wi a try buss, all of this is to enhance Roger’s career so people can seh ‘hey, if NJ can sound suh pan a rhythm, imagine a professional artiste’.”

However, it seems there are no bad vibes between Bolt and Popcaan, with sources insisting they are still good.

Meanwhile, Bolt and NJ have continued to offer words of encouragement to anyone trying to make it in the music industry.

“I seh to the youths dem believe in yourself as the song seh anything you want inna life, you can achieve,” NJ proclaimed.

Since it’s release, “Living The Dream” has racked up over 354,000 views on YouTube. It is currently #16 on the local tranding list.