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Usain Bolt got his hand caught in the cookie jar on Thursdays night.

The Jamaican sprint legend-turn-football player was exposed by a Saint Lucian blogger/make-up artist after he slide in her direct messages on Instagram.

The woman who is happily married, shared a screenshot just minutes after Bolt sent her a message on the popular media-sharing app.

While all the eight-time Olympic champion only sent was a pair of eye emojis ‘?,’ social media users were instantly sent into a frenzy.

“She’s married what the hell is he doing in her DMs? Bolt has absolutely no respect for his relationship with Kasi or anyone else,” one social media user wrote. “Bolt really need to calm him ugly self down eno,” another added.

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Surprisingly others trolled the female for taking a screenshot of the message and uploading it online instead of responding to Usain Bolt whose net worth is around US$60 million.

“No sah!!!! A should a fi mi DMs him slide inna mi wouldn’t say a thing,” one said. “I swear these b***hes need a lesson from Bla Chyna, call her what you want but she stay securing them bags… Dem rich n****s always (look emoji) the wrong one. Looks like ama need to go to DR or Colombia for that work.”

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