Uptop Boss Teejay

Uptop Boss Teejay chastised his haters during a recent Instagram video.

“Good morning, world. I am Teejay, and I am here to give you guys some motivational speech,” the From Rags To Riches deejay said in the beginning on the video.

Teejay’s tone quickly changed as he started to call out haters and ‘yamheads’, whose soul purpose in life is to mine people’s business.

“Hey bwoy, some a unuh bumbohole bwoy and gyal need fi go look wuk enuh. Unuh get up everyday pon man name and unuh nuh own nutten inna life,” he said.

“Some a unuh gyal shape like St Lucia economy. Some a unuh bwoy, a nuh woman alone a yamhead, unuh a bigger yamhead enuh cause unuh get up everyday a brag and boast and toast and host and where will we go when corona done and unuh nuh own no bed. Unuh nah tek care a unuh madda and unuh pickney.”

The Romeich Entertainment deejay was not done as yet as he added, “Unuh go look wuk and come off a people bl**dc***t name. As mawning light unuh gone pon roadside a drink beer and smoke weed. Find supm do wid unuh life fi 2021.”