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A former Miss Trinidad and Miss Caribbean Commonwealth contestant has been accused of scamming a 60-year-old American citizen for a Green Card.

32-year-old Michelle Supersad has been accused of “scamming” Barry Hirschhorn, a 60-year-old hospital manager for a Green Card.

According to Hirschhorn’s allegations, the Trinidadian beauty got married to him and reported false accusations against him in order to attain a Green Card.

Hirschhorn says he met Supersad at a dentist’s office in May 2014, and things immediately took off. The two got married two months later at the Manhattan City Hall.

The heartbroken man revealed that things began to get weird after she moved into his apartment, as she always insisted they slept on separate beds and would not even kiss him.

The confused man related that they never even consummated upon marriage, as she always blamed her period. 

Despite all this Hirschhorn says he still filed a petition with the Department of Homeland Security to sponsor Supersad for US residency.

However, things reportedly turned sour after Hirschhorn came to the realization he was being used, and decided to withdraw his petition. He claims that she filed a domestic report against him alleging that he tried to strangle her and demanded a divorce.

Hirschhorn claims that Supersad filed the report in an attempt to gain legal status as a citizen’s ex-wife. So as she could file for legal status without him according to the federal Violence Against Women Act.

According to Homeland Security officials, cases similar to Mr Hirschhorn’s is actually quite frequent, as many immigrant women try to use the Federal Violence Against Women Act as loophole to attain residency.