Trabass was this week’s guest on The Fix.

The popular Jamaican comedian, entertainer spoke candidly with hosts Ari and Naro about dealing with the challenges of mending his marriage with Deannee Santiago-Smith, mental breakdowns and being a creative in a fast-paced industry.

Deannee sent shock waves on social media in August when she announced she had been separated from Trabass for some time now, however insisted that the split was amicable.

Trabass Wife Attacked By Team Spice Dancers

“Me and Andrew [Trabass] [have] been separated for some TIME now. “We have [remain] great friends and will forever love each other. All positive vibes,” she wrote. “I feel i owe my day one followers and no one else this explanation. We are not beefing we see each other everyday!!!, Big cocky Trabass I love [you],” she added.

Watch Trabass’ The Fix interview below.