Tommy Lee Sparta spent another night in Police lock-up on Wednesday.

The Dancehall artiste was detained on Tuesday after he appeared at the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay, St James for questioning. Sparta’s question-and-answer session has since been rescheduled twice.

According to Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney Ernest Smith, law enforcement officers were a no-show on Wednesday to interview his client.

“I was there from 11 o’clock today (yesterday). There was no interviews, no question-and-answer and Superintendent [Vernon] Ellis, who we made the arrangements with, was conveniently absent from his office,” Smith told the Jamaica Observer.

“I called him 27 times and sent him text messages saying: ‘What is going on? We had a firm arrangement for MOCA [Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency] and C-TOC [Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime] to interview my client.’ I cancelled several court appearances to be there.”

“I’ve never seen anything so misleading. It’s almost an act of disrespect. I left down there [Montego Bay] 4:30 [pm],” he added.

Tommy Lee Sparta is now scheduled to be interviewed by lawmen today, Thursdays July 9 at 11:30.