Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta is a free man and is back to release music.

The Gothic recording artiste treated Dancehall fans “Ghetto Cry”, his second post-lockup single after being freed on Monday August 17.

Sparta, real name is Leroy Russell, was in police custody from July 7. He was asked to report to the Freeport Police Station in St James to answer questions about the upsurge in violence in the Flanker community.

In “Ghetto Cry”, the deejay addresses his woes with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

“Yuh tek ghetto yute life fi ah joke ting, one day uu ah go tell God someting/ Cause mi do good fi mi community, send nuff yute go ah school still/ Tru me jus a show likkle love still/ But di system have we as a don still/ Sometimes I can’t help it but cry, tears to my eyes and my mind running wild/ I don’t wanna tune in to my ego, but sometime mi nuh like people/ Stay to miself an a hide from trouble, trouble find me/ Me and police inna meeting” Sparta sings over the beat.

Listen Tommy Lee Sparta’s “Ghetto Cry” below.