As the legal battle continues over #TerryCrews’ claims of sexual assault, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor has found himself in the middle of, yet, another lawsuit, but this time he is the defendant.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Crews has been accused of bullying a digital marketer who was hired to help boost his online presence during the actor’s transition from professional sports.

In a complaint filed by Symbolic Web Media and Darwin Hall, the plaintiffs say it all started in 1999 when Symbolic was hired for their online services for $55 an hour.

According to Symbolic, under the terms compensation was deferred until Crews’ catapult to success.

Now that the actor has made it, the plaintiffs are looking to cash in on a few claims. According to the complaint, Symbolic says it provided services for Crews for nearly two decades but was only compensated for less than 300 hours after putting in more than 6,000 hours.

In 2013, the company said it began working with another client, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse with Crews.

“The client identifies as LGBT, although the app did not involve the LGBT community,” the lawsuit states. “Crews found out that Plaintiffs were working on the app and flew into a rage. Defendant Crews told Plaintiffs that in no uncertain terms could Defendants continue to work with Plaintiffs if Plaintiffs worked with anyone that was LGBT on an app for the LGBT community. Plaintiffs told Defendants that the app did not involve the LGBT community, and that because the client had already paid for Plaintiffs to build the app, Plaintiffs were contractually obligated to perform the work.”

Hall claims he eventually cut ties with the client only because Crews promised to remiburse him for lost income; however, Crews allegedly failed to honor the agreement.

As the parties were in the midst of reimbursement negotiations, Crews allegedly began tweeting about Hall in late 2017. Though he didn’t include Hall’s name, he did refer to a “former friend” who was trying to shake him down. Crews’ tweets made no mention of the aforementioned dating app, but it did refer to an alleged porn website. Crews’ series of tweets also included allegations of drug dealing and attempted murder.